Information about the driver of demonstration drive

Deadline for applications: Sunday 30th June 2017

Items marked with * are required

Starting fee: 1500,- CZK (60 EUR) for drivers and two accompanying persons. Every other accompanying person + 250 CZK

Česká verze přihlášky

Deutsche version – Anmeldung für Rennfahrer

I am aware that I participate in the above mentioned sporting event at my own risk, I will follow the instructions, the organizer´s instructions and in case of injury of myself, my crew members or vehicle I will not claim any compensation from the organizers. I will follow the rules for providing the race track for the individual driving performance and I will behave considerately to other participants. I own the driving license for group A (for motorcycles) or group B (for formulas and racing cars). I agree with the publication of the name and photo of the vehicle at the Brno Revival website. Participation is not enforceable and the final selection of the participants is the responsibility of the organizer. You will be called by another e-mail to pay the starting fee.