FIVA Motorcycle Week 2018

The FIVA Motorcycle Week is a chain of events on two wheels which embraces the whole world. This years’s edition has been a huge success, even more than usual, with 16 countries involved: ANDORRA, COLOMBIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK, FINLAND, … Čti dále


Brno Revival • festival rychlosti mezi pavilony

29.–30. 6. 2019 v areálu brněnského výstaviště

Motor races were organized on Brno’s trade fair ground (BVV) from 1935 till 1967. Come to enjoy festival of speed, which is prepared to celebrate 50th anniversary of last race.

Brno Revival “Mezi pavilony” / “Between the Pavilions” is a social sport event, that presents the noble beauty of sports and racing vehicles in motion. On the track, where the last race was fifty years ago, cars and motorcycles from pre-war until mid-eighties will be presented. The Revival is arranged similarly to events in the world – short drives of very various categories of vehicles and mainly the spectators-accessible depot full of unique technique. The festival for cars and motorcycles enthusiasts. Part of the event is also an exhibition of present-day sports and racing cars and motorcycles, offering crafts and services in the Pavilion A and adjacent open areas.

MOTORCYCLES until 1978

• Factory racing motorcycles • Sports motorcycles until 1947 • Racing motorcycles until 1947 • Sports motorcycles until 1967 • Racing motorcycles until 1967 • Racing motorcycles until 1978

FORMULA until 1990

• Formula 3 until 1972 • Other formula until 1990

CARS until 1985

• Sports cars until 1945 • Racing cars until 1945 • Racing cars until 1963 • Racing cars Škoda until 1985 • Racing cars until 1980 • Supersport until 1980

SIDECARS until 1978

• Racing sidecars until 1978

EXHIBITION in the Pavilion A